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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 | Author:

Reshape Your Body with Dorra – Lower Body Slimming Expert

“Flat tummy”, “Graceful thighs”, “Beautiful hips” and “Smaller waist” are the ideal body for every woman. Women fight like a warrior to get a perfect body, yet not everyone can be rewarded a satisfying result after all the hard work.

Without intensive work-out, surgery, or curbing appetite, dorra™–French lower body slimming expert has arrived in Malaysia, to make the dreams of perfect body come true.

Combined with the expertise of our dorra™ specialists, the dorra™ formula is the perfect solution for you to target your problem areas. It helps you to get away from all the lower body fat problems, such as Cellulite, Genetic, Middle Aged, Nutrition Caused, Post Natal or Stubborn Fat.

The quick, effective and customized solution will make sure you reach the goal efficiently. You are guaranteed to lose 10-30cm loss in just 14 days with the assistance of dorra™.

Dorra™ uses formulated essence with fat-burning effect that last up to 12 hours to promote efficient discharge of fat-cell contents and reduce risk of cancer, heart disease or stroke. It will also help in reducing cellulite, stretch marks, restoring skin elasticity as well as detoxifying and increasing metabolism.

Eventually, your flabby skin will be tightened and toned; lower body will be shaped perfectly. The result-proven Formula has helped a lot of women to get a slender figure.


Donn Chin, Lost 14.6KG , from 68KG to 54 KG

Donn Chin was depressed by her post-natal weight gain before joining the slimming treatment at dorra™.

“After giving birth, I started to gain weight. My tummy, hip and thighs were fleshy and bulky. Ugly cellulite as well as stretch marks also appeared.” By looking at her perfect body shape, it is hard to believe she is married with kid, and used to be a lady in size “XL”.

“My friend then recommended me to dorra™. After going through dorra™’s customised treatments, I lost 14.6kg and my size has also gone down from XL to M.

Her tummy, hip and thighs are slimmer, her skin is firmer and her body is trimmer. When she lost the flab, the weight burden on her knees are also reduced and eventually the pain also lessened.

“I am so happy to hear the words of my 3-year-old son – ‘Mummy is prettier now.”She exclaimed!

EJeff Leong –39 years old is another lady who celebrated her new body with excitement. Before dorra™, she was upset about her bulky lower body.

“My weight was around 56kg after I’ve given birth to my second child. I tried slimming down by controlling my diet, taking slimming pills and going to slimming centre but they were all unsuccessful. ”

At dorra™, her size has successfully decreased from M to XS and her new weight is 47kg! She has a perfect silhouette now, which can fit into a cheong sam beautifully and flawlessly.

The examples above have once again proven — Perfect body is not just a dream but something you deserve.