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Mayfair – Pakar Pelangsingan di Malaysia

MAYFAIR BODYLINE SDN BHD (589793-M) disegani sebagai peneraju dalam bidang kecantikkan dan pelangsingan (slimming and beauty centre) di Malaysia. Dengan 29 tahun pengalaman rekod cemerlang, ia turut merupakan jenama yang memperkenalkan ilmu pelangsingan dan kecantikan terkini serta mendorong gaya hidup yang sihat di Malaysia.

Sebagai peneraju badan, muka dan pusat spa, syarikat Mayfair Bodyline sentiasa mengutamakan kesejahteraan and keselesaan anda. Direka sebagai pusat sehenti kaum wanita, kami sentiasa bersedia memenuhi keselesaan dan kecantikankan anda dengan teknologi yang terhangat serta dengan suasana yang selesa warna hangat dan nada halus. Dikendalikan oleh pakar terapi dan perunding profesional yang terlatih dan mahir! Kami berjanji , anda boleh menenangkan badan dan jiwa anda dengan perkhdimatan rawatan pelangsingan dan kecantikan yang paling berkesan di Malaysia


Dengan program pelangsingan menjanakan sel semula yang baru diperkenalkan oleh Mayfair Bodyline, anda boleh turun berat badan 1-7kg dalam 7-20 hari sahaja! (bergantung kepada saiz badan anda) Dengan 28 tahun pengalaman yang cermerlang dalam industri pelangsingan dan kecantikan, kita memahami hasrat kaum wanita yang ingin kurus badan dalam masayang amat sikat. Terapi, ini telah mendorong kebanyakkan kaum wanita mengambil tindakan yang tersilap dalam khusus pelangsing badan. Yang paling penting, anda perlu mengekalkan badan yang sihat sebelum menjalankan sebarang terapi pelangsingan. Perinkat pertama, anda perlu merima proces detoksifikasi untuk mengawal fungsi badan anda terlebih dahulu sebelum menerima sebarang terapi. Jadi,Program Pelangsingan Menjanakan Sel Semula dalam 7 Hari adalah lebih praktikal dan berkesan daripada sebarang program pelansingan di pasaran!

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Produk Kesihatan Untuk Sakit Jantung Dan Sakit Dada

Ditubuhkan pada 05-Dec-2012, NUE HERBAL HOLDINGS menggabungkan pengalaman, kecekapan pengurusan, dedikasi tenaga kerja dan kaedah mencipta formula berkualiti tinggi untuk membentuk sebuah syarikat pengeluar produk yang pro-aktif, berwawasan dan berpandangan jauh serta profesional dalam memenuhi permintaan dan keperluan para pelanggan mengikut perubahan masa serta permintaan pasaran semasa dalam dan luar negara.

Kemajuan teknologi bioteknologi juga telah membantu dunia herba dengan mewujudkan pelbagai kaedah teknologi baru seperti dalam reka cipta formula perubatan dan kecantikan yang rasional dalam pembangunan produk kesihatan dan kecantikan berasaskan herba semulajadi. NUE HERBAL HOLDINGS telah memiliki produk jenama sendiri untuk mencipta nama sebagai salah satu pengeluar produk kesihatan dan kecantikan yang utama dalam dan luar negara pada masa kini.


Pengurusan yang cekap serta perancangan pemasaran yang strategik serta kecenderungan ke arah kualiti produk akan berjaya meningkatkan reputasi NUE HERBAL HOLDINGS dalam pembangunan industri produk inovatif di Malaysia.

Produk Utama Nue Herbal adalah Panax Gold Herbs Essence , produk herba yang telah dibuktikan membawa kesan untuk Sakit Jantung dan Sakit Dada

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Say NO to pigmentation. Let Shakura tell you how

Skin pigmentation is regarded by many as an annoying skin problem. If you suffer from uneven pigmentation, it’s time for you to visit Shakura™ —the pigmentation expert.With just a simple treatment, flawless and stunning skin is no longer an unreachable goal.

Shakura™ ’s story unfolds when a group of researchers found out the beauty secret of the female farmers in Japan. To handle the overproduced milk, female farmers use it in their bath and facial cleansing. The lactic acid derived from milk, is a powerful ingredients for skin, and this become the secret behind the youthful, smooth and luminous skin among female farmers! This breakthrough became the most-talked about discovery within the beauty and skin care industry. In no time, lactic acid became a highly sought after ingredient in skin care products.

Shakura™ ’s pigmentation experts were inspired and determined to further enhance the benefits of milk in the hope of developing a perfect solution to combat pigmentation problems. After years of research, they finally introduced the Shakura™ Formula to the women of Japan. This Formula has proven to be an effective product to solve the annoying pigmented skin.

With the perfect marriage of Milk Essence and Red Ruby Roselle, Shakura™ Formula is able to repair and rehydrate pigmented skin from deep within, which will transform your skin texture eventually. The Formula also acts as an anti-oxidant with intensive-humectant hydrating properties to improve skin texture and promote blood circulation, bring you a smooth, radiant and luminous skin free from pigmentation spots.

In just 1 session, signs of pigmentation will be visibly repaired as the formula is excellent in encouraging the growth of new skin cells, unclogging and minimizing the pore size, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and thoroughly rehydrated and revived. Effortlessly, your pigmentation will be lightened, and leave you a clear, soft and silky skin. Shakura™ is committed to help all our customers, during Shakur ™ Formula treatment you can expect an intimate one-on-one consultation session, comprehensive skin analysis and close monitoring of your progress.

Tested and experienced the effectiveness, our customer Wong Yoke Chan speaks to us on her pigmentation problem. She used to have pigmentation patches when she turned 40 years old.


(Wong Yoke Chan, 45 years old, Company Manager, Pigmentation problem)

“Many advanced skin care products could not solve my problem but the treatment by Shakura™ , the pigmentation expert from Japan, made my age spots disappeared! I look so young again!” , comment by Wong Yoke Chan

It’s time to bid farewell to the pigmented skin. Visit any Shakura™ , outlets or log on to for more information.Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an unforgettable transformation.

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Water Treatment Solutions Specialist in Malaysia

Organo (Asia) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Organo Corporation Japan was incorporated in Malaysia since 1986. Organo Asia provides a spectrum of leading edge technologies to industries that require water treatment systems (Ultra pure water system, Demineralized water and Wastewater system) especially manufacturers of electronics, power generation and petrochemical plants that demand a wide variety of water treatment processes. Organo Asia design, build, operate, and provide the market a full range of industrial water treatment systems, water analysis, chemicals supply and consumables sales, instrument and parts.

Organo Asia has proven track record of over 27 years of experience as a Water Specialist and are an established organization in providing a full spectrum of cutting edge technologies in Industrial Water and Wastewater treatment. Organo Asia is a one stop global industrial water treatment solution provider and also acknowledged as one of the pioneers in this industry that delivers quality products to their clients from various industries in the Southeast Asia region.

Organo Asia’s team work together closely with our clientele in conceptualizing, planning, designing and implementing specific systems that incorporate highly functional equipment and engineering systems which specifically cater for all different industrial needs and this has positioned Organo Asia at the forefront of this industry.

Organo OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products cover a wide range of water treatment utilities. These products include RO membrane, cartridge filter, ion exchange resin, water treatment chemicals, and Tohkemy products. Organo OEM comprised of companies which have established good reputation in the industry that are constantly striving to innovate and develop their products.

Ultra Pure Water System

Prior to endorsement, all Organo OEM products are tested in pilot plant with the aids of their well equipped laboratory to ensure they reach the highest reliability, safety and quality standard. In line with this, Organo Asia has been accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 17025 & ISO14001 to demonstrate our commitment to quality and betterment of the environment. With their expertise and effort to strive for perfection, you can safely rely on Organo OEM products as one of the cost-effective and result-oriented way to improve your facilities.

For more information, please visit

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CRM Solutions Software Malaysia

Claritas™ CRM deliver complete CRM solutions to organization and enhance their customer experience. Claritas™ as Malaysia CRM software believe in sharing their mission, collaborate as partner and grow together along their journey to success. Claritas™ methodology involves careful planning, management, and execution. This structure is formulated to provide a swift and efficient adoption of their product, and in a fraction of time and cost. Claritas™ emphasis on building long term relationship and assist organization to create exceptional customer value.

What is CRM?
CRM empowers you to manage your relationship with customer from all aspects, to ensure retention and promoting customer satisfaction. CRM’s primary capability pillars are marketing, sales and support. Marketing team uses CRM tool to target prospects, develop campaigns and manage leads. Sales representative then uses it to automate sales activities including contacts, accounts, opportunities, pipeline management and sales forecasting.

Malaysia CRM software

With Claritas™ CRM, you get to know your customer from day 1. You never have to lose track of your customer historical activities again.

Today, customer demands uncompromised speed and responsive services across every channel from call center CRM to email and social web. With Claritas™ CRM for Support, you will deliver it all under one integrated platform. Corporations can provide helpdesk support to their customers via a toll-free number, website and email. Claritas™ CRM have everything you need to amaze your customer and keep your customer service support CRM team productive.

Building customer loyalty is not an overnight process and implementing a CRM solution goes a long way in helping you to enhance brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Start adopting Claritas™ today and find out how Claritas™ can help you translate loyalty into money!

Trust Claritas™ and improve your sales now!

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Diving in Tioman Malaysia

Olympia Air & Scuba Adventures is the only PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. We provide Scuba Diving courses starting from beginners, (Open Water) right up to Professional (Instructor). Your scuba diving adventure begins with Tioman, Malaysia. Olympia Air & Scuba Adventures also offers snorkeling, dive trips and can even sort you up with accommodation with a wide range of resorts throughout Malaysia. We are here to advise you on the best diving activity and destination to suit your needs. Becoming a scuba diver is not just diving…it’s a lifestyle!


As one of the leading PADI Diving Centre in Malaysia, we live by our principals that with affordability, professionalism and quality facilities, everyone can dive if they have the will. We believe enjoyable diving needs two elements to work together; safety and professionalism. All our PADI’s certified scuba instructors have the necessary qualifications and years of experience and are very safety-conscious. Our crew is familiar with each dive spot and understands the conditions of both above and below water, and in different weathers. If a certain dive site is out of bounds, you can be sure we adhere strictly to such conditions.

For more information , please contact us at :

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Reshape Your Body with Dorra – Lower Body Slimming Expert

“Flat tummy”, “Graceful thighs”, “Beautiful hips” and “Smaller waist” are the ideal body for every woman. Women fight like a warrior to get a perfect body, yet not everyone can be rewarded a satisfying result after all the hard work.

Without intensive work-out, surgery, or curbing appetite, dorra™–French lower body slimming expert has arrived in Malaysia, to make the dreams of perfect body come true.

Combined with the expertise of our dorra™ specialists, the dorra™ formula is the perfect solution for you to target your problem areas. It helps you to get away from all the lower body fat problems, such as Cellulite, Genetic, Middle Aged, Nutrition Caused, Post Natal or Stubborn Fat.

The quick, effective and customized solution will make sure you reach the goal efficiently. You are guaranteed to lose 10-30cm loss in just 14 days with the assistance of dorra™.

Dorra™ uses formulated essence with fat-burning effect that last up to 12 hours to promote efficient discharge of fat-cell contents and reduce risk of cancer, heart disease or stroke. It will also help in reducing cellulite, stretch marks, restoring skin elasticity as well as detoxifying and increasing metabolism.

Eventually, your flabby skin will be tightened and toned; lower body will be shaped perfectly. The result-proven Formula has helped a lot of women to get a slender figure.


Donn Chin, Lost 14.6KG , from 68KG to 54 KG

Donn Chin was depressed by her post-natal weight gain before joining the slimming treatment at dorra™.

“After giving birth, I started to gain weight. My tummy, hip and thighs were fleshy and bulky. Ugly cellulite as well as stretch marks also appeared.” By looking at her perfect body shape, it is hard to believe she is married with kid, and used to be a lady in size “XL”.

“My friend then recommended me to dorra™. After going through dorra™’s customised treatments, I lost 14.6kg and my size has also gone down from XL to M.

Her tummy, hip and thighs are slimmer, her skin is firmer and her body is trimmer. When she lost the flab, the weight burden on her knees are also reduced and eventually the pain also lessened.

“I am so happy to hear the words of my 3-year-old son – ‘Mummy is prettier now.”She exclaimed!

EJeff Leong –39 years old is another lady who celebrated her new body with excitement. Before dorra™, she was upset about her bulky lower body.

“My weight was around 56kg after I’ve given birth to my second child. I tried slimming down by controlling my diet, taking slimming pills and going to slimming centre but they were all unsuccessful. ”

At dorra™, her size has successfully decreased from M to XS and her new weight is 47kg! She has a perfect silhouette now, which can fit into a cheong sam beautifully and flawlessly.

The examples above have once again proven — Perfect body is not just a dream but something you deserve.

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Port Dickson Resort in Malaysia

Avillion Admiral Cove is a prestigious Waterfront hotel strategically located on the 5½ th mile of Port Dickson’s finest coastal beach in Negeri Sembilan. Sitting on 100 acres of seaside tranquility, it adjoins the world-class Admiral Marina & Leisure Club.

A mere 10-minutes drive away from its sister hotel, Avillion Port Dickson, Avillion Admiral Cove features architecture design that reflects Malaysia’s rich colonial heritage with a modernistic twist and an expansive view of the famed Straits of Malacca. Avillion Admiral Cove is a perfect getaway for many urbanites and suitable for family holiday Malaysia.

Avillion Admiral Cove is a picture of splendor. This prime waterfront Port Dickson resort offers 156 spacious hotel rooms with uninterrupted marina and sea view. All rooms are design in modern and clean contemporary mode, inspired by its surrounding architecture and serene ambiance of the marina and sea that depicts the hotel’s original concept as a Wind hotel.

Port Dickson resort

Avillion Admiral Cove provides an alternative to the common settings and ambience of regular hotels. Just an hour’s drive from KL, the marina and the sea provide the perfect setting for your special day such as honeymoon, signing ceremony, wedding blessings or wedding banquet Port Dickson Malaysia.

Avillion Admiral Cove has a range of hotel facilities to cater to the needs of their guests, for those who are staying here to unwind or those who are here on formal business. Avillion Admiral Cove‘s facilities included:
•24 hours Security
•Baby sitting services upon request
•Business Centre | MICE
•Complimentary Internet Services
•Covered Parking
•F&B Outlets
•Fun Factors
•Laundry & Dry Cleaning
•Limousine Services
•Team Building Facility

For more information, please visit

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Polyester Strap Manufacturer

SUJPACK is one of the most distinguished polyester strap manufacturer, which was established with the goal of providing the best Polyester (PET) Strapping with highest quality to the industry markets covered the region of Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

SUJPACK Polyester (PET) Strapping is manufactured with the latest and most updated PET strapping machine. And with this reason, SUJPACK are able to provide superior Polyester (PET) Strapping at competitive price.

PET Strapping Band

Polyester is the product that is used to strap different products because polyester strap (PET) can endure with high temperature, a little elasticity. That is why PET Strapping Band is produced to replace steel tape that is popular to be used in steel industry, fibre chemical industry, fabric industry, can industry, brick industry and others around the world.

In addition, SUJPACK products also are used in many applications & industries:
Lighting fixtures, Ventilations, Metal Furniture, Steel Pipes, Sheet Glass Industry, Shipping Industry, Automotive Industry, Electrical & Electronic Industry, Appliance Metal Stamping, Precision Bearing Metal stamping, Recreational Vehicle Metal Stamping.

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Copier & Imaging Solutions Specialist

Recarts Trading Sdn. Bhd. established in 1985, which are a leading wholesaler & retailer specializing in Canon Imaging Solutions. Recarts Trading emphasis is on distributing, selling, servicing, trade-in and renting of advanced multi-functional digital networking imaging and document management systems.

Recarts Trading proved that a high quality advanced imaging solutions system requires expert service & support to save time and eliminate disruption to your business operations. They promise you the expertise of fully trained & experienced service technicians to assist in the shortest response time possible.

Copier machine wholesale

Recarts Trading extensive range of services includes:
1. Copier machine wholesale and retail
2. Sales, rental and leasing of copiers
3. Refurbishing, servicing, reconditioning and Canon copier repair
4. Transporting of Canon photocopier
5. Reformatting of copier software
6. Pre-sales advice and services
7. Networking & cabling setup
8. In-house technical training
9. On-site technical training & software support
10. After sales support & services
11. Sales of consumables & spare parts of copiers

For more information, please visit